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In recent years herbal smoking products and CBD have become mainstream, but a stigma remains. Some still see cannabis in any form as an evil drug, especially in states where cannabis products (such as CBD) are newly legal. The Posh Puffer Project’s mission is to change the perception of cannabinoid consumption through herbal education and by simply staying posh while we puff! 


We’re looking for Posh Puffers who want to spread the word about natural plant-based alternatives to dangerous prescription narcotics. Posh Puffers host Puff Pass Parties (think Tupperware party with pipes and herbs instead of plastic containers). Unlike headshops where the vibe is often tense and everything is locked in a glass case, at Puff Pass Parties guests can openly ask questions, test products and relax. They’re a place where herbal enthusiasts can connect to sample products, update their gear and share their hobby! 


how it works

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Step  1

We'll answer any questions you have and send you a digital catalog and the Independant Consultant Agreement (ICA) to review.

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Step 2

Complete the ICA

Agree that you won't sell to minors, inform your customers all smoking accessories are for legal herbal products only, etc.

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Step 3

Host a party and earn cash, discounts and rewards!

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Regarding Smoking...

(A message from the founder)

On April 3rd, 2009 I put out my last cigarette. Now instead of smoking poison daily to avoid feeling ill, I enjoy an occasional pipe of organic herbs to help de-stress and focus. While teas and tinctures are safer (and I love them too), for me the sensual appeal of smoking cannot be surpassed. The flickering flame, the burning botanicals; the ritual evokes a primitive feeling that cannot be replicated or accurately described. I’m not trying to encourage anyone to start smoking herbs, I’m acknowledging that there are many of us who do! There are also many who smoke cigarettes daily because they've never considered an alternative herbal routine. Regardless of how they are consumed, herbs offer a welcome alternative to nicotine and dangerous prescription drugs. 


CBD was legalized in Indiana in 2018, that's when I started Posh Puffer. It was illegal for so long, that at first many people were scared to try it. Thankfully as education about CBD has spread the perception has changed. Plant medicines have been improving lives for centuries, I want to help continue this spread of understanding and healing.

Leelee Smazenko

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