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Large (L): 5 cm (height) X 3,5cm (width), 90g

Medium (M): 4,1 cm (height) X 3,3 cm (width), 73,6g

Small (S): 3,1 cm (height) X 2,3 cm (width), 28,6g 

Cord not included*


About the product

•    Guatemalan Jadeita Jade Yoni Egg for women can be used to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and for countering stress adult urinary Incontinence, as an alternative method to improve your life. 

•    NO WAXING, VERY SAFE: Made of 100% natural and genuine Jadeita Jade, manually carved and polished without using any chemical treatment nor any waxing.

•    Comes with a jewelry pouch, and user instructions.

•    RELIABLE MANUFACTURER: Made by JOYA LIFE, the company that makes yoni eggs from jadeite jade and understands the quality and safety requirements for intimate usage of yoni eggs.


Product description

What you get?

1) One jadeite jade yoni egg, medium size, predrilled, made without any chemical treatment, nor any waxing, beautify and safe;

2) User instructions;

Features of this product:

1) This beautiful Jadeita Jade Yoni Egg is both a functional PC muscles exerciser and a pierce of art for display. 

2) This beautiful Jadeita Jade Yoni Egg has a powerful energy that resonates to bring good energies to your life.


Benefits of yoni egg exercises:

Yoni eggs, also known as jade eggs, are egg-shape carved stones used for training for the love muscles. Usage of yoni egg creates a subtle stimulation to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. Mild urinary incontinence, can be improved with yoni eggs exercise.

Practitioners of such spiritual traditions as Tantra and Chinese Taoism believe that yoni eggs are helpful tools to exercise control and to explore the sensual side of an individual. 

Joya Life Jade "Yoni Egg"

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